Become owner of your mobile home in Périgord Vert

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Buying your mobile home at the Le Repaire campsite gives you the opportunity to own a « pied-à-terre » in Perigord Vert, a region renowned for its gastronomy and green landscapes as well as for its remarkable historic legacy.

Buying a mobile home at the Le Repaire campsite

plan d'un mobil home O'hara de 20m² {JPEG} Did you enjoy your stay at our campsite and would you like to come back ?

What if you became an owner of your mobile home for your next holiday ? The Le Repaire campsite is ready to respond to your specific needs by proposing a wide range of products (new, showroom models or second hand) under the brand O’Hara or IRM (leading manufacturer of mobile homes in France). We regularly sell mobile homes at very attractive prices.

If you would like to be informed of upcoming sales, please leave us your contact information or get in touch with us to contact us

La chambre d'un mobil home résidentiel {JPEG} Un des Mobil Home de 20m² au camping Le Repaire {JPEG}

  • Very good price/quality ratio,
  • An affordable second residence for you, your family and your friends,
  • A profitable investment if you decide to rent your mobile home,
  • No local taxes to pay, simply an annual rent from 1,800 euros for your plot which covers water and electricity (assuming normal consumption) access to all the advantages of the campsite : fishing, covered swimming pool, activities, snack bar,…,
  • A campground located in Perigord, a region of France recognised for its cultural heritage, its gastronomy and its quality of life.

Example : Prices from 9,490 € for a mobile home with 2 bedrooms and terrace (see photo)

« Turnkey » Price : « ready for immediate use » : delivered, installed, wedged and connected on the plot you have chosen.


From 1,800€ a year, you become responsible for the plot on which you install light living structures.

You are owner of your mobile home residence but you are a tenant of the plot it is on (individual meters for water and electricity) The campsite authorises you to sub-let your mobile home or the campsite can provide this service for you at a rate of 30% all taxes included.


As a resident, you may decide to ask the campsite management to put your mobile home on the local rental market for the months of July and August (according to the campsite’s calendar of days of presence). By doing this you will benefit from income that will reduce the annual cost of your mobile home.

Private Use

  • You may use your mobile home as a second residence
  • You may also invest in a mobile home with the objective of renting it.
  • You may invite guests to your mobile home or lend it to friends and family.

Advantages of owning a mobile home

  • You choose your plot and your mobile home,
  • You have a holiday residence for your family,
  • You can go away on vacation or for a weekend whenever you wish,
  • You benefit from numerous camping amenities and activities,
  • You pay a reasonable annual fee,
  • You have maintenance services available,
  • You may decide to rent your mobile home,
  • You can come and go at a moment’s notice, and get away as often as you like…,

The advantages of the Le Repaire campsite ***

To enlarge your holiday living space and bring comfort and elegance to your mobile home : we suggest that you let yourself be attracted by our modular terraces ( covered, covered and enclosed, semi-covered…).

Becoming a mobile home owner is an excellent formula to benefit from the region, from the campsite and its pleasant environment and from all the services available just a step or two away from Le Repaire campsite.

All the activities of the campground and the nearby area are available to you : swimming pool, paddling pool, bowls, fishing, billiards, ping pong, children’s play area, tennis courts et local football stadium.

Summer season ( July, August)

  • Entertainment and sports activities for children and adults,
  • Numerous services : laundry, availability of ice, bread, pastries, bar, grocery store, meals to take away…,
  • In high season, you may choose to sublet your mobile home or to come and stay at Le Repaire and take advantage of the warm and friendly atmosphere of our daily activities and entertainment evenings.

We will be very happy to respond to your questions. Please contact us by email or by telephone +33(0)5 53 52 69 75.

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